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The opportunities that Asia offers to purchase all kind of products are well known; as well as the potential advantages for commercial buyers, Amazon Resellers and individuals. Unfortunately, we know that doing businesses in Asia can be an arduous work, as there are some challenges that need to be mastered to avoid unnecessary surprises.

1. How can I find the right supplier?

2. How can I be sure the supplier exists?

3. Can I get high quality products?

4. How can I communicate fast and effective with the supplier?

5. Which documents and certificates I need?

6. Who manage all the logistic?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing in Asia. Cultural differences, language barriers or different time zones delays the purchasing process unnecessary and make the communication with suppliers more difficult. We consider essential to have local partners who constantly monitor the product quality and make sure that the product requirements will achieve.

As a partner, DS Global Sourcing is always on your side to assist you with your entire purchasing process in Asia. With years of experience importing from Asia to Latin America and Europe, we can ensure a transparent and reliable service. Due to our teams in Mexico, Germany and China, we ensure optimal care through the whole processes.

About us

The origin of the organization is in Mexico, where in the year 2000 the company Distribuciones y Soluciones S.A de C.V was founded by Juan Carlos Cortes. Since then, diverse kinds of goods have been successfully imported from Asia to Latin America. In Europe, the company is represented by DS Global Sourcing. Our teams in Mexico, Germany and China consist of business experts and specially trained import/export professionals. The regional focus of our services is in Latin America as well as the European Union. We help you to make your purchasing process in China fast and transparent.

Juan Carlos Cortes

Juan Carlos Cortes

Founder and CEO in Mexico.

Juan Carlos studied industrial relations at the University of Guadalajara, Mr. Cortes is in constant preparation to provide better services and innovate their companies’ methodologies. He started to work at the age of 15 years old and through the years he developed strong interest in international trade, therefore, he decided to found Distribuciones y Soluciones S.A de C.V. His experience in different areas of work, his ambition and hard work have led him to succeed. As a businessman, he also founded the company Grupo Corba S.A de C.V dedicated to metal structures, refrigeration chambers, warehouses and all steel construction.

Ana Carolina Cortes

Ana Carolina Cortes

Manager in Mexico

Ana Carolina Cortes graduated from the high reputation University, Tecnológico de Monterrey and studied international business with focus on international trading. Through her studies she gained international experience in Ireland, France and China. Furthermore she worked 2 years for an international commerce company in China. Miss Cortes is part of our team in Mexico and responsible for all operations in Latin America and Europe.

Stefan Deuschl

Stefan Deuschl

Managing Director in Germany

Stefan Deuschl got his bachelor degree from the University of Applied Science Kufstein (Austria) through an exchange semester in Shanghai he did his first steps in China. Furthermore, Mr. Deuschl worked in a Management Consulting firm with focus on Strategic projects related Asia, especially China.

Our team in China allows us to communicate quickly and easily with Chinese suppliers in their local language. In addition, we are able to carry out inspections and quality controls to the manufacturers.

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