We carry out deep research in order to find the right manufacturer for every client. This is of great importance, especially when you do research on the Internet, as you can come across a variety of dubious suppliers and customs agencies. Because of this it is very important to perform a precise manufacturer research; to protect you from scams.


Communication and negotiations

Challenges as language barriers, cultural differences and professional misunderstandings are making the purchasing process way more difficult as it should be.

We take over the following services for you.

  1. Price negotiations
  2. Coordination in design requests (logos, packaging, etc,)
  3. Information and coordination of necessary certificates & documents
  4. Sample shipments



With us, you have the guarantee that your product arrives with your quality conditions and design requested.

We carry out a three-stage inspection process for our customers:

  1. Before production In combination with the manufacturer’s research, we discuss product details to make sure they can meet the requirements. Also to evaluate if the factories can achieve your order and specifications. After everything is in order, we coordinate the sample shipments.
  2. During production Our team in China continuously monitors the entire production process, ensuring that our customers‘ quality requirements are met. Clients receive regular reports from us with pictures about the current production Progress.
  3. After production After the goods have been manufactured, a final quality check is carried out at the production, whether materials, colours, patterns or labels comply with the customer’s wishes. Only when all requirements have been met, we start the shipping documents. Nothing leaves China if the merchandise is not ready.


We organize the whole logistic process from Asia to the final destination in Europe or Latin America. We take the entire tax and customs clearance for you to provide you a fast and easy transport. Because of our warehouse in Shanghai is it possible to store big amounts of goods and send them continuously when you need them.